Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pure Morning

I'm starting fresh on this. I deleted all my old blogs, for no apparent reason other than to forget the past. I wish i enjoyed blogging more. On another note, today was fun. Sort of. I hung out with Nick and Nina. More people were supposed to come apparently, but that didn't quite work out. I would explain my day in further detail, but nothing overly significant occured. Instead I'm going to rant. Because i haven't ranted in forever. I'm so fed up with my stupid, annoying, foul-smelling, dementic grandparents in which i am forced to reside with. They yell instead of communicating like normal human beings. Well, i shouldn't say "they" as my grandfather is near completely anti-social, and only communicates with my dog. My grandmother on the other hand, is the most annoying human being on planet earth. She goes through my things, she snoops through my FRIENDS bag's when they're over, she intentionally puts my things in odd places where i am not able to find them, she ruins my clothes by washing my dry-cleaning only garments, even though i SPECIFICALLY tell her not to wash any of my clothes ever, she rats me out to my father at every chance possible, she makes up stories of me coming home in the middle of the night "high out of my mind", and tells my father that i am using drugs often, she chews with her mouth open, she makes fun of me, she brags about herself, she wears the ugliest apron 24/7, she throws away my makeup, she starts unnesscary arguments daily, she's so completely over-dramatic and cries alot, she's always unhappy, she's ugly, and to top it off, she's foriegn. All of my friends think she's "So cute!!!". But she's not. I simply cannot wait until i begin university in Liverpool, as i will be permanantly residing there. GRANDPARENT FREE, AND HAPPY. And i'm going to liverpool for all of october this year. A whole month. 1 WHOLE MONTH! wow. It's going to be brilliant. Fucking brilliant!